Writer | Ghostwriter | Virtual Assistant | doTERRA Wellness Advocate


I believe that I’ve been blessed with a unique set of skills and way of thinking in order to help businesses, individuals, and creatives get their message out to the world, allowing them to build and grow.

I do this through providing freelance writing and admin services, and as an essential oil educator.

I believe that my own message is just as important.

I have been on a personal journey over the last few years, getting to thoroughly know myself, learning how to manage my perfectionism, and understanding how to cultivate true happiness from within. My hope is that others will benefit from me sharing my learnings.

In a nutshell, I’m a left-brained geek, an ex-cheerleader, a life-long learner, a lover of true crime podcasts, a geocacher, a LEGO builder (not a master builder, I’m more like Emmet before he stopped following instructions!), a bullet journalist, a lover of lists, rarely late, a KonMari convert, a massive devotee of personal development, and, of course, a perfectionist.