IN FOR 2023: Content Repurposing.

OUT FOR 2023: Writing from scratch.

You’re a busy entrepreneur creating content in the personal growth/coaching space. Maybe you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, or an online course. You want to grow online and have a bigger impact on the world…

But your audience is small and stagnant. You know you need to be creating blog posts, email newsletters and social media posts, but the idea of sitting down and writing makes you want to run screaming back to a 9 to 5 job.

You love making videos and podcasts. Your audience resonates with your message. This is why you started your own business or side hustle – to do the stuff that lights you up, not the stuff that sucks the life out of you. And writing takes you FOR. EV. ER.

Maybe you’ve even looked for a copywriter and felt scared because it seems too expensive and even overkill at this stage of your business.


You need a content writer, not a copywriter.

Copywriters are great at helping you write the sales-y stuff!

The definition of a copywriter is ‘a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material’ (Oxford). And they are brilliant at this!

But for content that educates, informs, and provides value to your audience, you need a specialist writer who can take what you’ve already created and repurpose it for different platforms.


Content Repurposing.

If you want more eyeballs on your message, a bigger audience, wider reach, more sales…

You can try using hashtags, following potential customers, commenting, joining groups, and all the other tactics you’ve read about. But rather than chasing followers, wouldn’t you prefer to be attracting them to you?

✅ Without burning out.

✅ While creating in a way you love.

✅ While growing your client base.

✅ While getting more sales AND having more freedom at the same time.

If you’re yelling ‘YES!’ at your screen, this service is for you.

Hey, I’m Karen.

I’m a Content Repurposing Specialist, an eagle-eyed proofreader, organisation obsessed, never late for an appointment, and a lover of the written word.

I’ve been writing for the fun of it since primary school. I’ve been clicking around on computers in an administration capacity since Windows 95.

I’ve helped clients build their businesses and focus on doing the work they love, by doing the nitty gritty stuff they hate.

I also know how it feels when you’re stuck. When you know you’ve got valuable information to pass on that can change lives, but something is stopping you. For me, it was my perfectionism and having experts help me manage that has been invaluable. If you’re avoiding writing content, it’s probably because:

1. You just don’t have the time.
2. You know you don’t have the skills.
3. Writing doesn’t energise you, so you focus on the parts of your business that do.

I can help you get past these hurdles so that you can help more people.

Photo of Karen

How it works

  1. Submit your video or audio content:
  • podcast
  • YouTube video
  • Social Media live video
  • online course content
  • webinar
  • something else!

2. I repurpose the content into written pieces that feel distinctly ‘you’, but which flow as a piece of writing. The content I recommend focusing on first is blog posts, email newsletters, and social media captions, but I can also produce ebooks, fillable workbooks, and even social media graphics!

3. You end up with your own content bank at your fingertips, ready to post, or to schedule into your content calendar. All without any extra work, from the content you are already making!

You don’t need a separate graphic designer, copywriter, and social media manager. You just need someone who can make your ideas shine! I can even work with your older content to build up that bank so you can schedule posts and go off travelling, or just have time off from creating. Imagine never having to create posts from scratch again!

When you use this service, here’s what happens:

✅ You increase your visibility through presence on different platforms.

✅ You grow your audience effortlessly.

✅ You get to work in your zone of genius and show up for your audience in a way that lights you up.

✅ You become recognised as an expert in your field.

✅ You get more mileage from each piece of content you create.

✅ Your SEO improves and you drive more traffic to your website.


The result?

Wider reach = more sales.

Don’t waste your time on the following:

❌ Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps or services to transcribe your content or write it for you, and dump that on your website.

Verbatim transcripts don’t work as pieces of writing, you need to add flow and structure so that it works as well as a written piece as it has as a spoken piece. Culture and language are important when writing for your audience. Your readers aren’t robots so your writer shouldn’t be one either!

❌ Using Virtual Assistants (VAs) to write pieces based on your video/audio content.

This is a specialised skill and it’s unlikely that a VA will capture your vibe accurately, causing your content to become inconsistent.

❌ Doing it yourself.

This is not your area of expertise. You’re going to burn out if you try to DO IT ALL.

Your investment


  • SEO-optimised blog post based on your video or audio content (you provide your keywords)
  • Drive traffic to your website and convert more people to your business
  • Get discovered on Google search by providing valuable content



  • 10 social media captions based on your video or audio content
  • value-driven captions with call to action
  • build relationships with your followers and direct them to your other content
  • show up consistently without having to think of stuff to write




  • blog post, email newsletter, and 10 social media captions based on your video or audio content
  • get maximum value from a single piece of audio/video content
  • cohesive content across platforms


This is an Australian-based service and all work is done by me, a native English speaker. It’s affordable and convenient, and you get enhanced visibility across different media with no extra work required on your part – just supply the content and I’ll do the rest!


Until the end of April 2024, I’m giving away 5 free social media captions with each blog post purchased!

Questions you might be asking:

Who is this for?

This service is perfect for business coaches, life coaches, mindset coaches, course creators, online service providers

Is this right for me if I don’t have anything to sell yet?

Absolutely. Providing value-packed content will build your audience and have your followers begging to sign up for your programs when you launch.

Is it ethical to publish something under my name when I didn’t write it?

Yes! It’s your ideas, your voice, your concepts. I just make the words flow. You produce the material, I help convey the message.

Who owns copyright and intellectual property?

Once you’ve paid in full for the service, copyright is yours. Intellectual property always remains with you.

What about confidentiality?

I include a non-disclosure clause in our contract. In short, I won’t talk about the work, your ideas, or my involvement to anyone, end of story.

What if want another service that’s not listed here?

Learn about the range of Business Admin Services I provide, or contact me for a chat.

If this is hitting home for you, let’s talk further! Simply click the button below to fill out a few details so I can get to know you and your business. There’s no obligation, let’s just figure out the best path for you to move forward.