Dark grey text on white background, describing how healing from trauma is not linear.

Healing from trauma is not linear

A reminder to myself: healing from trauma is not linear. Next week I have to have surgery to remove a lump from my breast. The lump is benign (not cancer), I’ve already had a biopsy done to confirm that, but the specialists say it’s best to remove it as it’s of considerable size (28mm) and could hide

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Light text on a dark background that reads 'If you're struggling with unpleasant feelings, try this:'

Unpleasant Feelings

I struggled with my emotions a lot in 2022 (more on that later). I learnt a few things that helped me stop the downward spiral and want to share them in case they help others. Note: I am not a therapist and I always recommend seeking therapy when thoughts and feelings are overwhelming. But I

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Karen looking excited but a bit petrified.

I quit my job today.

I quit my job today. And it’s not because I have another job lined up. Actually, I don’t really have anything lined up. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and it’s still pretty scary. But I had to do it so that I can focus fully on my own business. This

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A picture of Karen that has been pixelated to look like a mosaic. Karen wears glasses, has pink and purple hair and is wearing a black top.

My life is like a mosaic

My life is like a mosaic. You know those works of art where there is a big picture, made up of lots of little pictures? That’s me. Yesterday on social media I shared an image of something I’d done in my bullet journal and I thought to myself, ‘The stuff I share must seem so

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Take leave

TL; DR: Take leave even when there doesn’t seem to be a reason to. Late last year I received an email from the HR department of my part-time employer. I’d accrued too much leave and needed to reduce the balance by taking some time off. I looked back and realised that I’d only taken two

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I’m on a podcast!

I’m excited (and a bit nervous!) to let you know that I was recently interviewed by the amazing Dr Rebecca Ray for her podcast! I got super vulnerable as Beck coached me through one of my blocks related to a change in direction for my business. For years, my business has been made up of

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