I’m Karen, and I help small business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives do their best work.

I do this by providing digital products and online services, utilising my strengths so others can focus on theirs.

This means different things to different clients. It may include ghostwriting, transcribing, virtual assistance, social media administration, document creation, proofreading, inbox management, data entry, event administration, or a whole lot more.

In a nutshell, I’m energised by doing left-brained tasks involving logic, process, planning, efficiency, and just about anything on a computer.

And I blog because I love to write for myself as well as others. I think we’ve all got important stuff to say. And we’ve all got stories worth sharing. I write about managing perfectionism, finding happiness within, being productive, and a bunch of other stuff, purely because I can’t NOT write. And I share it here and on social media because you never know, it just might help someone else.