Image of the back of Karen's head. Her hair is medium length, wavy and coloured a vibrant pink.


I’ve never really been concerned about what most people think of me. My perfectionism has always been about my own (often unreasonable) standards rather than a sense of people-pleasing. But I’m still an introvert and a HSP, so when I got pink foils in my hair years ago (second 📷 below), I felt extremely self-conscious. I wasn’t worried about what anyone thought, but I did feel as though people were looking at me all the time. Once the pink faded, I stuck to blonde or ‘normal’ colours for a long time.

I never thought I’d be the sort of person to love the heck out of pink hair.

But now, years later, I’ve done a lot of work on myself. I’ve confronted my perfectionism and learned how it hurts me and how I can use it for good. I’m still working on it, as new challenges tend to bring up old habits. But when I stumbled an old photo with those pink foils a few days ago, I realised how far I’ve come.

I am much more secure in myself but also have more self-compassion. I’m more aware of what’s truly important and I’m better at ‘not sweating the small stuff’. If you’re feeling stuck or not feeling like the best version of you, please take action. Grab a book from the library, find a video on YouTube, listen to a podcast, or see a professional. Make the move because things may not get better on their own.

I had to work bloody hard at it. But was it worth it? Heck yeah! Look at that hair!!! 😜

Thanks to Georgia and Total Look Hair and Beauty for helping me try new things without ever letting me down!

Image of the back of Karen's head. Her hair is medium length, wavy and is coloured a vibrant pink.
May 2019
Image of Karen's head and shoulders. Her hair is short and mostly blonde, with splice of pale pink through it.
October 2012

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