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2019 Recap

It feels like I’ve been away from social media and my blog for such a long time. I had a busy end to 2019 and I’m only just finding time to sit down and comprehend everything that’s happened. It was a pretty big year for me as a whole. Here are the three big things that happened at the end of year. 

I moved house. 

My partner and I moved from a small townhouse where we didn’t have a yard and couldn’t have any pets to a house with a yard that feels much more like home. 
Hate is a strong word and I don’t like to use it often, but I really hate moving. In the past I’ve been quite a ‘collector’ of things, and I still have a lot of things to get rid of. I’ve always found it difficult to let go of things that I’ve formed an emotional attachment to. So moving was an overwhelming experience. Now that we have a bit more space, we’ll be able to have a big garage sale and I’ve already put a lot of stuff aside to be let go.

I went on my first overseas trip.

A family wedding saw us travel to New Zealand, which was my first time outside of Australia. New Zealand is absolutely stunning. We took the opportunity to hire a campervan and to drive around the South Island. Highlights were walking in ankle deep freezing water in thongs/flip flops through an old mining tunnel/cave to see glow worms, and bathing in hot springs, featuring black algae which is apparently great for the skin!

We got a sentencing date.

After more than two years and 14 court hearings, the judge was finally able to set a date so that the monster I once called a friend can be sentenced for his crimes against me and others. I am planning to write more (a lot more) on this, but I do want to wait until he is sentenced before I do that. Thankfully he has been locked up in prison as we await sentencing, but in February we’ll finally know what kind of sentence they’ll hand down in what is really the first case of its kind in South Australia.

2019 was definitely a challenging year for me. At times I felt pretty low and I kind of retreated into my own little world. I’m happy to say that I’m feeling a lot better and ready for a big 2020!

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For now, enjoy some pictures from the New Zealand trip!

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